Since 2021 Mr Enda Caroll has entrusted GREEN CONSULT with the management of the green spaces on his entire estate: the magnificent ASHFORD FARM Estate. In addition to improving the existing garden lawns, paddocks and meadows, Green-Consult has laid out two grass arenas on marshy fields. These renovated arenas and paddocks are a real showpiece for the estate and provide training spaces that are used on a daily basis. 

Jardin du Carrousel du Louvre

At the request of the architectural firm Wirtz International, our challenge was to establish several hectares of lawn between the yew spindles on a concrete slab, and to ensure that this lawn would withstand the passage of walkers, all of whom were allowed to approach and touch the dozens of Maillol statues.

Chateau de Bois d’Arlon

Since 2022, the agronomic management of the courses under construction at Golf du Bois d’Arlon has been entrusted to GREEN-CONSULT. Supported by Gaetan LITS, Head Greenkeeper, we communicate all our management techniques to ensure the successful completion of the construction work, and implement a maintenance plan to integrate the installation of young turf in a new environment with a particular soil. In addition to the fact that no pesticides are used on site, the aim is to establish a stable microbial life in sandy, biologically inert soil. A major challenge for a project that is clearly one of the most beautiful in Belgium.


Since 2022 Ken Ruysen, manager of the largest equestrian complex in the Netherlands, has called on Green-Consult to improve and manage the grass arena at EQUESTRIAN CENTER OF PEELBERGEN in Kronenberg (NL). Chemical and granulometric soil analyses were carried out at the end of 2022. On this basis, the first improvement work was carried out in the off-season. The results were not long in coming, despite the fact that the improvement process is not yet complete. All those who have used the grass arena are delighted. Thanks to the team in place who are doing an excellent job following the GREEN-CONSULT program.

Sunshine Tour of Montenmedio

Since 2009 the BLAZQUEZ family has entrusted Green-Consult with the complete renovation of their grass arenas and the construction of new ones.
According to a particular process, the grass used for the SUNSHINE TOUR in winter is different from that used at the end of the summer. The quality of the maintenance of these arenas is such that many professional riders consider them to be probably the best in the world.