In 2022, Green-Consult took on a new challenge at the world famous Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Canada.

Creating, renewing and improving grass arenas in climates all around the world is one of our specialities.



This event was the first time ever organized with grass on these arenas, prepared and seeded only a few months before the event by Green-Consult.

This grass track was installed on a 100% sand EBB & FLOW track using a unique process developed by Green-Consult.

During a total of 5 consecutive days a total of 952 horses competed on the Grand Place Arena

Tops International Arena – Regrassing stadium

This year, from the 7th to the 9th of May, the first competition on grass turf took place at Tops International Arena. Green-Consult was entrusted with the preparation of the grass arena for the event.

Approximately 200 horses jumped daily on the new grass stadium and without any damage. The quality of the arena was praised by all the participants who already consider it to now be one of the best in the world.


The RSCA has entrusted GREEN-CONSULT with the agronomic study for the construction of the new turf field installed in 2020 using zero pesticides.

GREEN-CONSULT is also supervising the work which started in May and still today ensures the role of consultant for the maintenance of the field “A” perfectly maintained by its Groundsman Gwen Aël DEGRENDEL.

Longines Tops International Arena

GREEN-CONSULT was entrusted with the study and monitoring of the re-seeding of the Stal Tops Stadium, the venue for numerous world-class competitions including the famous Longines Global Champions Tour.
The challenge: to keep the fibre sand soil in place. Not to export anything. To bring a sterile soil back to life.
After various analyses, the work consisted of adapting the soil physically, chemically and biologically so as to be able to install the special grass mixture.
The seed was sown on 22 September 2020, the first mowing on 28 October and today, despite a difficult winter, the track is ready to welcome riders and their mounts for the international competition season.